Ronin-M Smart Battery
Ronin-M Smart Battery

Ronin-M Smart Battery

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Part Number:DJI CP.ZM.000099

The Smart Battery for Ronin from DJI is a 4S configuration LiPo battery that, with a capacity of 3400mAh, powers the Ronin for up to four hours, depending on how it is used. The smart circuitry design means no separate balance connector is required when charging, and overcharge and over depletion detection are built-in.

Note: Only charge the battery with DJI approved chargers.

  • Balance Charging - Automatically balances the voltage of each battery cell during charging
  • Capacity Display - Displays current battery levels
  • Overcharge Protection - Charging stops automatically when the battery voltage reaches 16.8V to prevent overcharge damage
  • Over Discharge Protection - Discharging stops automatically when battery voltage reaches 12V to prevent over discharge damage
  • Short Circuit Protection - Automatically cuts power supply when a short circuit is detected
  • Sleep Protection - Sleep mode is activated after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power
  • Charging Temperature Detection - The battery will charge only when the temperature is between 32° and 131°F

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