Drone Service Form

Did you crash your Drone? Did your quadcopter take an unplanned dive into a lake or ocean? Need a professional drone tech to install your gimbal or perform an upgrade to your DJI Drone? WE HAVE YOU COVERED! 

We have professional on-staff technicians that can evaluate, repair and upgrade your damaged DJI drone fast! 

To get started just fill in the form below and submit it. We will contact you via email with a service ticket number and an address to ship your drone to. When sending in a unit please include the quadcopter, the controller and any parts you may have purchased. 

Please do not ship us your unit until you receive the service ticket email with your ticket number. 
We charge a $60 inspection fee that covers the initial evaluation. If you choose to go forward with any repairs or upgrades, the $60 inspection fee applies as a credit toward the first hour of service work. Additional labor will be billed at $60/hr plus parts. You are responsible for shipping fees both ways. Our current repair timeframe is around 5-10 business days. We offer a rush repair service for an additional $99 that would have your repair work done within *48 hours. (*If the parts are available) 

All repaired units are thoroughly flight tested before they are returned. 

Contact us via phone at 305-235-5382 if you have any questions

• All service tickets must be paid in full before anything leaves our shop.

• All repairs must be paid and shipped (or picked up) within 30 days of the invoice date.

• Should unpaid tickets remain over the 30 days from the invoice date or a work order approval inquiry be ignored for the same period of time, (unless there is a documented agreement with the client), the items on the ticket will be considered abandoned & will become property of Power Drone Sales.

• After three (3) months, any abandoned item will be sold at market value.

• Should an abandoned item sell for less than the unpaid invoice balance, Power Drone Sales reserves the right to render an additional invoice for the remaining balance to the contact on file.

• Should the remaining account balance go unpaid it will be turned over to collections & appropriate civil action will be taken.